New and even Newer

Couple years ago, I went through a 'ride of passage', as I would say, to a more mature me. Like my lecturer once said, "Victory achieved by going through countless failures." Yeah, couple years ago I was defeated by some kind of A-hole, pardon my French.

So, last Saturday, I was invited by Clozette Indonesia, Paktor, and Lancome Indonesia for a bit of a get together and a discussion about Dating and First Date Makeup. Oh, ... how the time flew by. The event itself was a blast, hence the lack of picture of the event itself - no vlog either. I would say that this discussion validates something in my head but I'm not sure what. 4 of the pictures were taken at the 10th floor of Da Vinci Penthouse, the interior is a-mazing and mesmerising and the last 2 were taken in Grand Indonesia - all by the one and only Zsazsa. It's been awhile since I put on "first date outfit", ... It felt weird and liberating at the same time. It's weird, I know, but it's just what I felt. LOL.

I think it's time to restart everything... with a new mindset and even newer will power.

until next time,


Libra - Brash Shoes
Eagle Claw Bracelet - MaxGear
on Lips - Lancome L'Absolue Velours #193