Hair Update

These snaps are actually an overkill, ... I think by the first picture, you'll noticed that my hair is in completely different color. All I did was putting Sasha in the color Golden all over my head. I think it did a great job in removing some of the dark pigment from previous dye job that I did, .. it even removed henna from my hair. I know I vowed to not use any dye beside the Revlon Light Golden Brown, but after 5 months of being a brunette, I just had enough. So after assessing the state of my hair, ... I think it's healthy enough to start to lighten it up slowly by using a somewhat "blonde" dye. To be honest, Sasha hair dye is so underestimated by most people I know. I mean, the color payoff is actually good to the fact that it's so cheap even though you need to buy 3-4 boxes to have a good coverage throughout your hair. So, ... I guess my hair journey is back to square 1.

For brown dye, .. Garnier and Revlon have amazing formula. I vouched for them.



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