a Zing

Had a day out with Zsazsa, as oppose to a meet up that we planned with MamiCath. As per usual, this day was filled with a lot of giggles, gossip, makeup swatches on hand, a lot of walking, and a lot of window shopping. Typical.

Let's just talk about the outfit, shall we? ... Well, I didn't plan this outfit, it's just sort of happened. I'm dying to take my new parka out and about because it's a new thrift purchase (see the thrift haul on my YouTube channel) and I'm seriously in love with it. I feel like I finally get my Zing back after a couple weeks diligently doing a toning workout! I know, I know ... invisible to tell, but I feel so much different! Back to the outfit, I joked around with Zsazsa that I'm such a Fall person because my outfit choice is always in a form of layering (as she was too) and it's kinda annoying that Indonesia doesn't actually has a Fall season,... just summer all year round. Thankfully, even though it's still kinda hot, there were so many clouds and a lot of summer breeze so taking pictures outside was not as hot as a usual afternoon. 


Parka - Thrift
Long Sleeves Tee - H&M
Skirt - Cotton On
Bag - Mango
Sneakers - Converse


  1. Love the skirt! And parkanya jugaaa, ternyata detail di belakangnya keren.

  2. Great outfit.
    i just follow

  3. I also most likely tend to wear fall outfit! like turtle neck or sweater. Don't mind the season we're boss when it comes to our appearance. xDD i like your post and your style! will likely comin back to your blog, shall we keep in touch ?


    1. aw thank you so much, had a look around at your blog and I certainly will read yours!! We'll shall tho, I'll follow your blog so i won't miss a post!!


  4. Such a cute look, love the military shirt xoxo



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