Basic (and proud)

Hi, feeling productive and bored at the same time coz my schedule ruined by some unplanned things that came up on the very last minute. I'm annoyed, but hey ... life goes on. I need to fall back to routines that I made in order to have a somewhat structure to my life. Ummmm ... Valentine day storm has just passed and I don't know what to feel. Not that I'm feeling Oh-So-Miserable that I don't have a date (*cough*), but I have so many messages from my friends complaining about how they need a boyfriend and feeling unworthy just because. This annoys me to the core of my bone, because they  actually know that complaining get them nowhere, but again, ... they don't wanna put in the effort of getting a boyfriend. Like, seriously?

Ok, enough with the rant and onto the outfit. I bought this kimono in a thrift store for only Rp30.000 (that's less than $3) and immediately fell in love the moment I saw it. This outfit is a staple, basic "campus" outfit for me, it's easy to throw on, effortless, but still decent. I'm so obsessed with simple thin outerwear nowadays, because Jakarta's weather is still bipolar as ever. Because of the bipolar-ness of the weather, my plan to shoot a lookbook video and several appointment to take blog photos in a somewhat cool place were cancelled. 

p.s : I went to an amusement park on Valentine's Day, you can watch the vlog below.


Kimono - Thrifted
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Hefty Salient


  1. I love that shoes<3 looks good on you hihi

  2. Nice style and I love your kimono!:D

    Isobel x

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  3. You look amazing girl, love the shoes xoxox


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