Yes, I know.

January is a trial month. So, ... I have been planning things out all January. The key point of 2016 is  to basically graduate. I need to. I have this new found spirit to kick start my motivation, ... like I said to a friend, I just need a long ass holiday to get this fire started. As to keep me sane enough throughout my compulsory paper days, I still need my blog and my youtube channel. So when I'm diligent enough on getting things done, I can actually manage everything to be taken care of, ... compulsory paper, working out, blog, and YouTube channel. The idea of "the future" weirded me out so much and I don't know why, may be I like the present more. That idea will also be a general rule of thumb that I'm gonna hold on to, "keep your present decent, otherwise you'll regret every second of it" 

Let's just talk about my outfit, shall we?
I got this dress from a recent #THRIFTrip (a new segment on my YouTube Channel) and to my surprise, it's H&M. I fell in love with the dress because it's black (d'uh!) and it's so simple. Even though it's kinda tricky to wear because of the low neckline, I think I can make it work with layering. As the dress is already so simple, I decided to spice things up a bit with stripey tee and an awkward-tassels bag. All and all, this outfit is a ensemble that I would totally rock when it comes to run errands or even go out to lunch with friends.

notice the new hair (again?) ... yeap, it's blueish-green on the root.

how's your January went?


Dress - H&M (thrifted)
Tee - Forever21
Bag - Vintage