First and foremost, ... Yes, I'm an outfit repeater. Now, that's out of the way, I'm gonna tell you about my experience attending a seminar with Anazsiantar and Ayla Dimitri as the speakers. The seminar was indeed inspiring, it validates my need of curiosity about blogging - more like social media - life. I attended this event with Zsazsa, as always, and we have this AHA! moment where everything seems to fall into place, even though there's some unanswered question. Oh, I won a flat lay competition that Anaz and Ayla hosted. Seeing Ayla and Anaz in the flesh was kinda surreal, ... idk, may be it's because I want to be as successful as them. One day, ... ok? 

It was so windy and it was tricky to keep my skirt in tact, ... oh the blue in my hair finally showed up. Ummmm, ... I don't have much to talk about because I have been feeling down for the past 3 days or so. Life's weird, you know? So I need to get back to the gym to shed some anxiety on the treadmill, you feel me?


Dress - H&M
Sleeveless Shirt - H&M
Oversized Cardigan - Hand Me Down
Libra - Brash Shoes


  1. Dress on sleeveless blouse is a perfect couple for this weather, nice outfit :)




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