This might be a little bit sappy. I don't really care, btw. I want to dedicate this post to a new friend of mine, Zsazsa. It's been a good while that I clicked with a new person in an instance. To be honest, I met her just a couple months ago and our friendship is kinda based on blogging matter, like taking pictures, outfit choices, shopping, events, and of course ... gossip. Nonetheless, I'm so happy to find a middle ground that isn't really personal, because, let's face it, I'm not a person that can let my wall down in a quick 5 second. She's quite a patience to deal with me, tho! I have told myself that this year is my year and 2016 has quite a kickstart on friends department (Yes, this goes to those blogger-events-friends I have)!

Onto the outfit, shall we? ... First of all, these pics were taken in The Safe House on Lazada X Affiliates Luncheon last week (Thank you, Lazada for having us!). The space was so artsy and cute! Second of all, yes, pictures were taken by Zsazsa (she gets my angle). Third, the dress was snatched from Pull and Bear sale! This was so cute and at first, I wasn't so sure abut the cut but after I put it on, I was so in love (plus, ... pockets)! It flatters my shape and fall just above my knee (Yes, I need that illusion). I paired the dress with simple shoes and it felt so right just to strut around, talk about confidence level boosted to a hunnit! 

p.s :
Video diary of the luncheon will be out next week on Friday!


Denim Dress - Pull&Bear
Shoes - HeftySalient


  1. I like your blog do you want to follow each other? If yes let me know.


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