I am so sorry that I have been neglecting this blog. It's just so hard to juggle on several things that are completely in different worlds. I have to put most of my focus on my thesis and the remaining focus ... I put on my YouTube channel, vlog channel, and on my well being. The blog is abandoned. I got frustrated tho, ... don't get me wrong, but I have no head space left. So I asked Zsazsa to take pictures of me so I feel less frustrated about the negligence of the blog.

Onto the outfit, ... this combo is the outfit I wore to a Gala Premier of The Beauty and The Best. Romper, parka, and sneakers are the perfect pieces for a casual hangout!! I'm in love. Even though I'm sure you're tired of this parka, to my surprise I haven't. I need new ones tho, ... but getting a just-right piece is so hard. It needs to vibe with me. Regardless, this outfit is lit.

p.s :
Yes, I change my hair color like I change outfit.

Parka - Thrift
Romper - Cotton On
Sneakers - Converse



  1. love the parka!!! I've been searching for it in the thrift shop...but never found any:^) I crey
    and also, I love how you wear the gloomy parka with cute converse><


    1. The thrift shop near my house still have a couple of that parka!
      Thank you :)



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