Writing this post as an escape from the pouring rain while dyeing my hair, .... I know, ... again. A family friend told me light brown hair looks good on me, but since I have blue and green dye laying around the house, I couldn't help myself. The result was this indigo greenish color, kinda too dark for my liking, yet I can't wait for this hair to fade to a seemingly minty silver-ish color. I like my light brown hair tho and I think I might settle, .... not now, but I might.

The outfit was inspired by a imaginary vacation. To be honest, I need a trip to clear out my head and start fresh. I have a collaboration with HAWA, still fresh, and I actually enjoy making articles for them. The previous work-collaboration were fun but I was in my comfort zone, writing in english and I don't have to write as much and they kinda dictate what I have to write. In this collaboration, everything comes from within my head, ... I enjoy the creative process. Being creative is so much fun!

p.s : I need more high-waisted skinnies. Like, a pair or 5. Like, summer is so close and high-waisted skinnies are a staple.

Top - H&M
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Hefty Salient



  1. we're seemingly in the same boat. 1. I did have the confusion while dying my hair. 2. I also desperately in need of vacation 3. I also got the collaboration invitation from Hawa yet Im still into my comfort zone and plus my other hectic stuff LOL

    loving this outfit! looking forward for your next post! Have a nice day x

  2. I want high waisted jeans!!:(( but i look terrible in it lmao:^)


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