#BeachDayMusts ft. Adore Me

#BEACHDAYMUSTS by anjanidee

Summer in around the corner and trips to the beach is inevitable. Summer days for me is usually accompanied by a 3 days stay at a local island. Yes, ... a much needed getaway. As you all know, I overheated pretty easily... This can actually break the trip, so ... I want to share with you, my lovely readers, about the things I usually use and bring with me to my trip!

  1. Comfy, but still flattering and cute, swimwear.
  2. Cover up - The cover up I chose is a simple pinafore for easy removal and putting on, but you can use anything from simple dress, tee and shorts combo, even an oversized shirt.
  3. Walking Sandal - I used to have a cute sandals that I wear to the beach but they always gave me blisters and I can tell you that blisters and salt water are not a great mix. So I suggest you to get something more comfy but still cute
  4. Big-enough Rucksack - Beach day is a complicated day. If you're planning to be in the sun more than 2 hours, I suggest you to get a big bottle of sunscreen so you'll be able to apply it every once in a while to protect your skin and prevent sunburn. Also you need water, snacks, and everything necessary - electronic wise ... So you need that big enough-but not to big-rucksack
  5. Sunnies - nothing else to say, sunnies are always needed if your eyes gonna be exposed to sunlight
  6. Beach Towel - A beach towel is necessary to secure your place in the beach and to make sure you have a place to have a snack - and or sunbathe
  7. Headwear or in my case, a floppy hat! An extra protection to the sun for your hair... I personally have a color treated hair so a direct exposure from the sun will fade my hair faster - no one wants a dull faded hair, right?
So, these are some of my beach day must that I can never do without, ... what's your #BeachDayMusts?


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