#FoodComa : Zanas Indian Fusion Cuisines

Just had the time to edit and put together this post! OMG I'm so behind schedule! OK, Let's just get to business. So I got the invitation from Jakarta Venue to go to Zanas Indian Fusion Cuisines' Food Tasting. I'm not too familiar with Indian food, I was sure that I wouldn't really like it. I went with Anya and upon arriving, ... the smell of spices was quite strong but at the same time it's a pleasant smell. The owner was so nice and she explained the things that we don't know, also patiently answers our question. We spent quite a while to take pictures because the variety of food served were so many! I also had a kitchen tour, as well as the chef's words on every dish that he made for the attendee, and how their food is made to for the tongue of us, Indonesian. When the actual food tasting part begun, I wouldn't lie, I felt overwhelmed. I wanted try everything but decided not to. So here's the food that I took, minus their Masala Tea (forgot to take pics!). Please see the caption on the pics to read what my thoughts are. I vlogged my day also, if you're interested to see how homey their restaurant is!

Chicken Kathi Roll, Tamarind, and Mint Sauce | This is by far my fave. I love how the spices complement the chicken and also the wrap. It's super light, but the bad news is, you'll need more than 1. I love the roll on its own, don't get me wrong, with either of the sauces, tasted fine .. but I love it without.

Dum Biryani Rice, Tava Chicken Mutton, Raambahar, Prawn Kalimirch, Rogan Josh, Dhal Tadkha | Why you ask, I put all these together? I just wanted to try everything and curious on how each of the food compliments each other. The answer is ... Yes. Yes, it's yummy. Yes, it complemented each other. Yes, I'm willing to eat these again. Each of the food were prepared in a super thoughtful manner. Chef Sumarli told us that most of the meat were marinated for hours before getting cooked. My fave is the Dhal Tadkha, it's lentil curry. The Dhal Tadkha was super light and by far the tastiest vegetarian curry I've tried!

Mango Lassi | This yoghurt based drink is so light and actually washed up my pallet, the prepare my tongue for another meal! So refreshing.

Falooda | I saved the best for last! This dessert contains vanilla ice cream, basil seeds, rose syrup, and preserved seaweed. The taste of this drink reminded me of a homemade dessert drink I got somewhere, but it's surely so yummy!  

If you're interested to try those yummy food, please call them in advance because a little birdie told me that the restaurant is always full (no, kidding ... the owner told me this as I said that I'd love to comeback)!

Zanas Indian Fusion Cuisines 
Taman Kemayoran Condominium, Tower Eboni, Lt. Dasar, Jl. Haji Benyamin Sueb, Kb. Kosong, Jakarta Utara, DKI Jakarta 12510
Mon - Sun (11.30am - 11.30pm)
021 - 658 66 354

p.s : a big thanks to Jakarta Venue for having me!

so, see you next time?