Just in case you don't follow my instagram or my post wasn't popular enough according to instagram's new algorithm... I dyed my hair 3 weeks ago to this deep pink (or should I say magenta?). I don't know what came on to me but I was bored with green or blue. Why? you may ask. Well, this cool green in my hair turned into a weird yellow and I'm not a fan of that weird brassy hair. I have been hesitating to take ootd pictures with this hair, because all I wanna wear is pink. This is so not me, tbh.

In other note, my mom hasn't complain about this new hair and about a week ago, in a extended family break fasting, when everybody said that my hair is so OUT THERE - and a cousin wanted an exact same shade - my mom bragged a little about this hair saying that this color looks good on me, oh .. and how I put on oils, masks, and whatnot, so I'm not neglecting my hair to dry.

Well, eventually, she came around unlike my dad who's so-not-care about the color of my hair. He even asked me "what color now?" whenever I retouched my hair. LOL.

so by the way, .. how's life for you?


  1. Uwaaa suka bgt warna pinknya >.< looks good on you Dee! ☺♥


  2. I just went to a big fam dinner 2 days ago...and...everyone immediately noticed my new hair lol:)) and almost #1 thing they'd ask me is 'You look like a korean person lol'....:-/ but it's ok tho ahahaha
    cute pink hair!!>,<


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