[ REVIEW ] Face Rejuvenation at ZAP and Brightening Skin Care

As a couple months back ZAP invited me to their branch opening in Menteng, they gave each of us blogger a free face rejuvenation and skin care kit to try. After a consultation with the doctor, the skin care I was assigned to was brightening one.

Several days after, I went to ZAP Kota Kasablanka, as it was the nearest from my house. When I got there, the place was full of people waiting and after filling all the details on a sign up form, the receptionist gave me an estimation of waiting time but since it was full, I had to wait for an hour, I didn't really mind because 1) I'm in a mall, so I have plenty to look at whilst waiting, and 2) IT WAS FULL, which means a lot of people trust the service.

I came back just before the receptionist call my name, and then one of their staff - the doctor's helper - escorted me to the treatment room. Not too long after, she explained the procedures along with a little chit chat here and there. So far, every staff was so friendly!! When she was done with the preparation, the treatment began immediately (vid here). 

Surprisingly, the process only took 15 minutes or so, from cleansing, prepping the skin, and the treatment itself, after care, and applying sunblock. As soon as I finished, the doctor's helper explained to me about the things I'm not suppose to do after getting the treatment done, which are swimming, do sport that will make you sweat excessively on the face area, and exposed to direct sunlight without the protection of the all-mighty-sunblock for at least 2 days to let the skin rest.

As I mentioned before, at the branch opening, ZAP sent me home with a skin care kit that's needed for my skin and also to help the face rejuvenation works  better. It was a brightening one (they have one for acne problems as well), as I only have hormonal acne every time shark-week comes by. The skin care consist of Brightening Facial Wash, 2 tubs Morning Cream, and 2 types of Night Cream.

Here's a little thought of those products:
Facial Wash
This is by far, the gentlest facial wash that I have ever tried. I was surprised that this face wash didn't generate that many foam and may be that's why it was gentle, they don't use that much foam agent. You only need a little bit of glob for your whole face and neck. At first, I wasn't really fond of the scent of the product, it was a little weird for me, but I grew to like the "no fragrance" aspect of it. The whole bottle, 50mL, lasted me 5-6 weeks!! This facial wash don't dry up your skin, it even makes your skin felt so soft and plump after using.

Morning Cream
The first thing that hits me was the smell. It smells so good but subtle at the same time. After a week of using the cream, I can see subtle tone change to my skin and it got softer too! I think the overall condition of my skin was improved as I notice that some of my blemishes were fading and I had minimal acne during my shark-week. They generously gave me 2 tubs of the lovely products and those last so long as you only need a thin layer every morning.

Night Cream
As I mentioned, they gave us 2 types of night cream, labelled as Evening Brightening 1 and 2. The purpose behind it was your skin can only absorbs a certain amount of 'goodness' so they divided it to 2 tubs and I'm suppose to use it interchangeably. To make things easier, use the 1 for odd number on the calendar and the 2 on your even number on the calendar. How cute!!!

Final thought, ... even though the treatment only took a blink of an eye, it really works! Supported by the skin care kit, my skin condition was improved as it got softer, plumper, and not to mention brighter! If you have such a busy day, but wants to improve your skin condition with 'minimal' effort, you should visit one of ZAP's outlet. The staff is so friendly and informative!!

That's all for now, babes!!!
see you soon.