Summer Blue Print

I think I took too long of a break from this blog. I'm not entirely sorry, because I think it's necessary for me to sort out my priority. Which I failed miserably at. Life is chaotic, I haven't been able to sort out my life, which is getting more and more frustrating as the day went by. The only salvation I get is to jam out to songs that will take my mind off things (cough* AGUST D MIXTAPE *cough). But don't worry, I made a blue print already, you know, to tackle this "life" thing and sort it out for good. I feel lost, y'know, ... life can be so out of grip, it terrifies me a lot. Moral support is needed but I wouldn't know who to ask coz apparently, I'm fighting alone - and being alone sucks ass (pardon my French).

To the outfit, ... I'm longing for a summer getaway. The one that gets you recharge and ready to tackle this thing called life. Decided to pair the cropped top with patterned short because of the simple-fun-summer-days vibe I'm getting, or more like, ... longing. A simple outfit to stroll around with friends to get food kinda outfit, I feel like. Someone please fetch me to Bali or Phuket so I can recharge?

Btw, ... Why is my hair looks so red?


Crop Top - G.U. (Thrifted)
Shorts - H&M


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