Tough Much?

Finally had a proper shoot out with, of course, Zsazsa. If you watch my Mini Lookbook on my channel, you must've seen this outfit. I don't know what came to me, but as soon as I saw the jersey, this getup was the first thing that came to mind. Still feeling all swaggy, nonetheless. Decided to have a pop of burgundy with this seemingly monochromatic outfit. Though it's kinda cringy to post this outfit because, I'm no swag at all, but the thing is ... at least I tried, huh? I feel like I should stop dating Kpop Idols (lol. Hallucination at it's best)

I'm going to have a road trip, a much needed one - I suppose, and I won't have a stable internet connection, might as well post it now so I will get this post checked out off my to-do list. Should start packing soon, but ... meh *shrugs*.

hope you have a great week ahead,

Jersey - Thrift
Bandage Skirt - H&M
High Top - Airwalk


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