Still contemplating on life as always and, to be honest, the road trip I took was not much of a help. Sure, it was fun but I feel like I'm still trapped in my element. I need a break of a routine. Fly me somewhere new, let me be, and let me find myself once again. I feel so lost at times. I have to have motivation and determination all at once. I just have to, eh? The sooner this chapter ends, the happier I will be, ... or at least, that's where my thought process took me. 
(hwaiting~ coz Namjoon told me not to quit school so imma make him proud)

To the outfit, still a still-shots from the latest mini lookbook that I did with a friend. I repeat this outfit way too many times because I like it so much. This ensemble is somehow, in my book, fit to an everyday campus outfit, but let's face it ... I live in Indonesia where school is a place for shirts-and-trousers only, though main objective of a school is to be able to facilitate learning no matter what the learners is wearing (this rant will always be on my mind). On the other haaaaand, .... The weather is so bipolar lately, I'm having problems taking pictures. Can't bare the heat, but t'was a hassle to shoot if it's raining.


Varsity - Thrift
Cropped Top - G.U. (thrifted)
Ripped Jeans - H&M
Converse High

(^coz Namjoon is mentioned in this post, so imma make him happy)


  1. Hwaiting Dee! Maybe you just need some break. A lil vacation will help. Cheers, love :*


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