(BLACK) pinkeu

It was a hot afternoon after a rain. Had a hangout session scheduled with, the one and only, Zsazsa. Decided to wear this combo of black and pink ... (BLACKPINK IN THE AREAAAAAA.... sorry, K-addiction kicked in) This parka is a heavy duty one and boy I was sweating like crazy when I was taking picture outside. Like I mentioned in the previous post, I miss dressing up the way i want to dress up. But, the good news is, .... this paper thingy is coming to an end, ... soon enough!!

This outfit is a no brainer to me. I like the simplicity of the black tank and skirt and the unexpected heavy - not to mention - PINK parka. This is just a comfort uniform for me lol. If you remember, I got the parka for only Rp15.000 (or about $1.14 ... yes, it's a steal) and it's in such good quality! I miss thrifting btw, it's just so fun discovering things that naturally not up your alley but, you know, you don't pass such a great deal like this one. I feel like I ramble a lot ... haha.

Oh, ... how's your weekend?
mine is nice, ... so far. 

Top, Skirt - H&M
Parka - Thrifted



  1. I miss thrifting too, that pink parka is so cute!



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