Life has gotten so much easier but I'm still struggling to find a rhythm. I think, it's best to just focus and 1 thing and finish.... rather than trying to juggle a bunch of things and then ended up not finishing anything. I'm slowly to ease up to this new weird routines, dying to get back to the old one coz, let's be honest ... I'll be so much happier to be able to do what I love the most, creating content. Oh, ... These pictures were random, I was, in fact, got a new way to do my foundation (maybe I'll share it with you guys).

So, my hair is fading quite nicely (tho only visible under a soft sunlight), but what I'm happy about the most is the state of my hair a year after The Chop Off !! I've had a couple trims along the way, but only an inch at most. My natural wave is back because my hair is "long enough" now! That got me thinking about the circumstances I have been going through. Sometimes you have to be put through an extreme situation to be able to sort out the things in your life, coz I experienced that like a couple months back, it set me to a mini freak-out, but it definitely was something that needed to be done and I think I'm on the right path now. I just have to follow the plan and focus my eyes on the prize.

How's life for you? 
Happy Thanksgiving, if you're celebrating!


  1. We all have that kind of life stage which is really tough. Just focus and believe that everything is gonna be ok :D



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