366 of 366, A Thank You Note

As you can probably can tell from a lot of my post, .... 2016 was not my year. 2016 had taught me something through a lot of hardship, which I think I need in order to appreciate a lot of things. I got lost, in the worst way possible. I cried myself to sleep a lot. Yet, the past couple of months... I found myself, in the best way possible. I found the best people to hangout with. I found my support system. This "Best 9" pictures were not enough to represent my 2016.

So here's to Zsazsa, Mami Cath, and Mbanya. 
Thank you for being there to let me get away from my stress, especially Zsazsa.

Here's to Dyar. 
Thank you for always there to remind me to keep going on this school final paper.

Here's to Nurul, Seto, Adi, Dega, and Hasyim.
Thanks for all the laugh, the chitchats, the gossip over food, and the time.

Here's to Serena.
Thank you for keeping me awake on so many nights and accompanying me doing papers.

Here's to BTS, BTOB, B1A4, VICTON, and many more Kpop Idols.
Thank you for releasing albums, tweets, pictures, Insta-updates, and VLives. Thank you for being a part of my sleepless nights.

Here's to Joan, Eddie, and Beauty Beast.
Thank you for videos. I had so many virtual vacations through Joan and Eddie's vlogs and a good laugh from Beauty Beast's videos.

I save the best for last, ..... 
Here's to my Mom, Dad, and Bro. 
Thank you for everything. Thank you for being patient dealing with me.

*had to take a deep breath coz I'm tearing up* *Serena knows how easy I got sad* *2016 = me being such a crybaby*

I lost friends and gain some. That's okay because life goes on. It's been this way. So here's to you that wasn't mentioned. Thank you for being my friend.
How about a better year in 2017?

Have a very blessed 2017!!