Error and Flight

The hardest part is to stop dreaming and do things instead. I had problems with my laptop (cough. my life .cough) and it put halt on my routines. To be completely honest with you, I wept for 3 days straight and had only complained to My Mom (shout out to her for putting up with me crying) and a new friend of mine all the way from Connecticut. Had to sent my baby to a hospital and he's coming home real soon! Much excite! But I lost all my data, as he had to be re-installed. This experience had me re-evaluate things in my life. I spent less time relying on gadgets to entertain me and actually read 4 books in a row. I had to wrote parts of my compulsory paper by hand and then transfer it digitally through the PC I have at home. Life was hard, coz everything is literally in the laptop. I avoided everything, I was unable to function. Millennial much, Dee?

As you probably can tell, I wore this outfit to a ZAP Blogger Gathering. Thank God, I stored this one on draft so I'm able to post. Yeah, it's been awhile huh? I wonder why I haven't wear a dress on the daily! I missed being able to wear anything I like so much, as you guys know - I mentioned this so many times already, my daily getup consists of a tee and jeans - which can get boring.
Now that 2016 coming to an end, ... Any particular resolution that you achieved? I haven't tho, ... but hopefully I will be able to achieve that next year. Have a nice holiday and hope y'all have happiness!!!


Dress - Forever21
Libra -  Brash Shoes


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