Please Fall, ....

For some reason, ... I work best at night whilst listening to loud and upbeat music (newest record : 35 hours of being awake, don't tell my mom tho...). Being a student, I blame years of I-will-certainly-do-this-later (cough. procrastination. cough) and here I am, posting instead of doing my final paper. I felt liberated tho doing things I love instead of forcing myself to do "other things", in this case - school stuff. "I deserve a little break", I mumbled to myself every night after doing hours upon hours of final paper. Final paper is coming to an end, I just need to force myself to work a little harder this time, ... for a faster freedom. 

On that note, I've been watching too much of Edward Avila and Joan Kim. I want to be in Seoul so bad. Yaknow, ... for a "break". I think it will be fun to roam around the city, discovering new places, ... tho realistically since I don't speak Korean at all, that will certainly be a little hard (thinking about getting some basic Korean course, but I don't know). Ah, ... wish me luck for a chance to be there soon!!

About the outfit, ... This one was inspired by the one and only, Edward Avila. He's been sporting hoodie + jacket + sneakers and I'm in love!!!! The ensemble is just so easy to throw on, simple yet put together. Even though, real talk, ... Jakarta is super hot. Fall is my favourite season anyway (non-existence in Indonesia, but I can't help it since I'm a Fall Baby). To be honest, I'm trying new ways to rock pants, coz I'm over it. I wanna be able to wear my dresses and skirts again but getting into t-shirt and skinnies for a day at campus is just easy. To be honest, since I put more thought into what I'm wearing to school, not only my motivation skyrocketed, my final paper progress went a little faster too. I used to do this when I was still attending class everyday, .....but soon as I only need to do my final paper, t-shirt and jeans are my best friends. Like I said, hassle free ... yet I got bored super fast and the rest was just a black smudge of weird memories. 

Speaking of being bored, ... hair is darker now, box-dyed it with the color of Raspberry Pink by BeautyLabo. Color payoff is great, wouldn't lie ... but the thing is ... I'm already bored with this color and contemplating to buy clip-on extension to spice things up. I miss my blue hair, coz I feel like I'm more of myself when I have blue hair. Ah never mind, I just need to have more patience, let my hair grow longer, and have healthy hair once again.

I think I blabbered too much, ... so, see you guys later?


Cropped Hoodie - Thrift (DIY)
Jeans - H&M
Sneakers -  Converse