That One, The One

First and foremost, the hair is no more. Only had the hair for roughly a week. I was too bored with the greyish-green and decided to slap on some pink, the ends of my hair was too yellowish anyway. I had fun with it, so no regret. How's 2017 treating you so far? Mine is an "eh~". School final paper is still on progress and it's coming to an end. Decided to take the first week of 2017 to rest and recharge for everything, fix and polish some of the parts, then on Monday will go full throttle. One of my resolution for 2017 is to graduate, so please wish me luck! 

To the outfit now, shall we?
Had an appointment to have lunch at Westin Sky Bar and decided to give another dress a chance, wore this before tho (Yes, I'm an #OutfitRepeater). The light cardigan gave the whole ensemble a relaxed vibe, which I love! The boots and clutch gave a more edgy persona. I haven't felt more satisfied with an outfit in so long! I feel more me. Oh, ... The boots were on sale! Been wanting a pair so bad, but the power of patience rewarded me, that's a roughly Rp450.000-ish boots and the price tag said Rp200.000 but it scanned for Rp150.000. Power of patience, guys...

Make the best of your 2017, okay?


Cardigan & Boots - H&M
Dress - Pull and Bear