January, ... at least for me

Life happens for a reason, ... or I think it is.

January for me was rough. As if a tall pile of stress was set up for me to found and indulge, but guess what, no indulgence involved.. The silver lining to all the stress was I was able to have an assessment and it had me on my last lap for a graduation. As I'm writing this, well ... typing, I'm waiting for my turn to wash up and then go to campus to turn in my revisions. 

Life happens for a reason, .... the life I'm talking about is struggles. Yes, you'll ... or more like, I ... will struggle in one way or another but that's what make life more ... lively, I guess. I don't even know where I'm going with this paragraph but yet, I keep typing and typing. I had a lot to say on my mind but when it comes to it, .... I have nothing to say. Pffft, humans.

Last year, I questioned myself everyday on why I am not on the graduation bandwagon. To be simply put, I'm slow. But when I sat down by myself, in a Starbucks™ somewhere in Jakarta, .... I feel like the support system I had was not good. The people that cared for me before was like "Meh, ..." A foe and a friend. Well, ... distant friend? Meh. But I guess, life happened to them and people just grew apart like that. Thank God, this support system was more than fine. Not my usual crowd, so not my usual crowd, but it worked. Some people are always nicer than their looks, ... and some are not. Where am I going with this paragraph again?

Never mind. I'll wash up now and get on with my day.

Have a nice day, peeps! ❤︎