Game Plan : Re-Developed

Hi! Long time no see... like literally. The thing is i lost my zing. Being so absorbed in my final paper and putting this blog aside is getting outta hand these days. But then again, priorities shifts. I have always been trying to write and ended up with a lot of half-of-a-thought draft. Blogging has been a passion of mind where I can dump my thought so I don't have to carry around emotional baggage on a daily basis, yet these days ... it felt like an obligation. No bueno. 

I talked about this with a friend of mine and she felt the same way. We talked about how blogging these days is only about how many followers you got and how every reviews I read has only good things mentioned, e.g shopping sites, products, restaurants, hotels, etc. #RIPHonestBlogging

I'll redo my game plan and start over. Hope everything works out!