Stealing Time

April 29th was probably the best day ever. Top 3 of my 2017 days. Had the opportunity to be able to attend THE WINGS TOUR 2017 BTS TRILOGY EPISODE III in JAKARTA. I bet y'all know about my obsession over BTS by now. Not a surprise.

As now, ... Already having withdrawal. Tho having my voice nearly disappeared, sore legs, and overall fatigue, ... I'm more than just happy. Gonna update with a thorough story with a vlog. I need to get a new headphones, mine's broken and the one I just bought doesn't have a long enough jack. So I can't edit. Meh.

How's your weekend?


Wide Brimmed Hat - Forever 21 | Top - H&M
Ripped High Waisted Jeans - H&M | Shoes - Converse


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