How To Get That Bronzy Glow + Drugstore Products Recommendation

Lately, I have been embracing the bronzed up makeup look. I just feel like this kind of makeup suits me the best ...? Summer is here and I feel like bronze makeup is a must. Here in Indonesia, being tanned is somewhat, not frowned upon, but people do prefer to have lighter skin. There's even a white-tanning treatment, ... what even. No, I'm not saying that people wanting to have a lighter skin is bad people but... I don't know.... Why? to be honest, but then again, .. It's just personal preferences.

So, ... I'm not here to lecture you. Just to be clear, ... I wanna share with you some products that will help you embrace that bronzy glow with a budget. ... here we go,...
  1. Foundation - I use Wardah's Luminous Liquid Foundation shade 04 Natural (yes, the one that costs Rp40.000 - Indonesian product) for more of a dewy finish, and Maybelline  Fit Me Matte+Poreless shade 230 for more of a matte finish - Maybelline Fit Me Dewy+Smooth Foundation shade 230 is still too light for my complexion sadly, but it works on you, it's definitely an alternative. 
  2. Bronzer - My favorite bronzer was City Color's Be Matte in the shade Chocolate Truffle, i love how it shaped my face with the littlest amount of product, but somehow I couldn't found any, even in an online shop.. so sad. Now I use Max Factor's Bronzer, sadly only comes in one shade as far as I know, and even if the finish is a semi matte, it still has a glittery bits.
  3. Highlighter - Both of my highlighters are from City Color, one is a highlighting powder called Intense Exposure, more of a beaming white that you need to be careful in applying coz sometimes it can get too ... cakey?, and one is a highlighting palette called Sunlight Trio that consist of highlight that has a golden-yellow tint to it, a dusty pink blush, and dark auburn bronzer. All of which has shimmer in it, so .. yeah. But considering it's more of a highlighting palette, this is a great product. 
I feel like I rambled quite a lot, hope this helps!!!




  1. great tips! thank you for sharing!
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