estranged uni grad

Lately, "Estranged Uni Grad" had been a choice of vibe. I had to take care of things at campus so I feel like this outfit is appropriate. To be completely honest, ... The outfit is a little too comfy coz I found myself lounging in it even after a long day of doing errands. Now I'm in the comfort of my bed on a slow paced afternoon, planing some outfits for both Youtube and Blog post.

I feel like every outfit pictures lately were taken by phone, ... and in either a fitting room or in a store. I hangout a lot with friends to cafes and such, but I cherish my time talking with them a lot and sometimes, I even go out while my PJs still on. So no pictures.. Sorry, not sorry.

I'm trying to vlog for the entire month, ... tittled "AUGUST DEE" ... IKR, the K-Pop addict in me retaliate and .. yeah.

'till next time,

Pullover - Pull&Bear
Specs - H&M
Skinnies - H&M
Sneakers - Converse


  1. kacamatanya buat gue yak?...

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