I would not lie, Kpop had been spewing a lot of summer anthem lately. My top 3 is Monsta X - Newton, KARD - Hola Hola, and EXO - Ko Ko Bop, ... oh, all of the MVs were super colorful, thus this outfit. I wasn't really thinking when I put these outfit (well, ..ok that's a lie .. I thought long and hard to pick the shoes). But then again, this is a major step for me after 3 years living in a grayscale outfit. I love how the yellow complemented the blue and vice versa. The cropped hoodie was a little distressed and I feel like it gave more of a character to the whole ensemble. If you notice, I couldn't leave out the round clear specs nowadays, ... again, it gave an oomph to, in my opinion, a simple outfit - and sometimes, makeup. Loud, but at the same time subtle.

a little short, but I'll se y'all soon!


Romper, Specs, Boots - H&M || Cropped Hoodie - Thrifted


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