NEW chapter

A new chapter of my life is in construction right now. I'd admit, I'm beyond scared. But hey, as a promised I made on April 29th, 2017 to BTS at their concert, ... "I would never lost my dream". This new chapter is somewhat a passage of life, of achieving greater things, so I'm nervously excited.

Ok now I got that outta the way, ... Let's talk about the outfit. As my trustee black skinny jeans is now had became shorts, I gravitate towards cotton trousers....? I know, I don't even believe it myself, ... but somehow as I swapped my jeans with trousers, the outfit had a sophisticated feel to it. The nude lace-up heels made the outfit more mature, I guess. 

To be completely honest, I feel like my style is shifting .. but I guess, it's just another passage of life. The new chapter begins on Monday, ... so please wish me luck!


Top - Forever21 || Kimono - Evelove Boutique || Shoes - "Kameo" Christian Siriano for Payless