So, ... I'll start with a Happy New Year and may 2018 do you justice for your hard work. How are you? I hope you're doing great.

Wow, ... I've gone so long that I actually feel a little awkward to type words here. But yeah, I have been busy with life and being drained out with all the adjusting and adapting that I have to do. But I'm getting better. You know, ... Last December I got hit by news of the passing of, Kim Jonghyun of Shinee. He's one of the most talented people I knew. His passing just threw me off my game. Regardless, I hope he's happier than ever now. 오빠, 사랑해 .. So yeah, I'm regaining my game again. Slowly, but surely.

And here comes why I look like a tangerine. I purchased the hoodie from (He said we're friends, ....) a friend. He's an upcoming streetwear designer from South Korea. This orange hoodie is, ... let's be clear here ..., not my color. Coz I dressed in black, and only black for years. But, I got a bright coral-orange converse couple months back and upon seeing this orange hoodie, ... it clicked in my head. He only made a few of each designs, ... so I do what I gotta do. I "Get it". 

The hoodie itself is a simple hoodie, too warm for Jakarta's weather, but perfect for my cold office. So in the end, it all works out perfectly.

How's your January so far?


Hoodie - E88AL Laboratory | Skinnies - H&M | High Tops - Airwalk