Tangerine 2.0

I'm aware that I used the same hoodie as the last post, ... so it's just another take of how I would wear my hoodie.

Pictures were taken in the afternoon after meeting Q2HAN (vlog here), the hoodie served as a dress. I feel like I'm slowly easing myself back to street style. I feel like my preferences shifted a lot these past few months due to a heavy influence of people that I look up to. Why I wear it like this? For me it's a perfect middle ground of girly and boyish. The dress, well - hoodie, is such a boxy piece somewhat masculine and the knee-high socks made me feel like a school girl. I don't think I'm doing a very good job explaining, but you know ... This outfit is a middle ground for me to be a little more adventurous towards my outfit choices - or me slowly turning back to the real me.

February is coming to an end, ... and I'm feeling like I need to be high on life. I want to travel, to see the world, .. yet still haven't have the ability to do so. Hopefully, soon.

Do you want to be high on life?


Hoodie - 28 Laboratory | Shoes - Converse | knee-high socks - H&M