Friday, November 25


Life has gotten so much easier but I'm still struggling to find a rhythm. I think, it's best to just focus and 1 thing and finish.... rather than trying to juggle a bunch of things and then ended up not finishing anything. I'm slowly to ease up to this new weird routines, dying to get back to the old one coz, let's be honest ... I'll be so much happier to be able to do what I love the most, creating content. Oh, ... These pictures were random, I was, in fact, got a new way to do my foundation (maybe I'll share it with you guys).

So, my hair is fading quite nicely (tho only visible under a soft sunlight), but what I'm happy about the most is the state of my hair a year after The Chop Off !! I've had a couple trims along the way, but only an inch at most. My natural wave is back because my hair is "long enough" now! That got me thinking about the circumstances I have been going through. Sometimes you have to be put through an extreme situation to be able to sort out the things in your life, coz I experienced that like a couple months back, it set me to a mini freak-out, but it definitely was something that needed to be done and I think I'm on the right path now. I just have to follow the plan and focus my eyes on the prize.

How's life for you? 
Happy Thanksgiving, if you're celebrating!

Saturday, November 5

(BLACK) pinkeu

It was a hot afternoon after a rain. Had a hangout session scheduled with, the one and only, Zsazsa. Decided to wear this combo of black and pink ... (BLACKPINK IN THE AREAAAAAA.... sorry, K-addiction kicked in) This parka is a heavy duty one and boy I was sweating like crazy when I was taking picture outside. Like I mentioned in the previous post, I miss dressing up the way i want to dress up. But, the good news is, .... this paper thingy is coming to an end, ... soon enough!!

This outfit is a no brainer to me. I like the simplicity of the black tank and skirt and the unexpected heavy - not to mention - PINK parka. This is just a comfort uniform for me lol. If you remember, I got the parka for only Rp15.000 (or about $1.14 ... yes, it's a steal) and it's in such good quality! I miss thrifting btw, it's just so fun discovering things that naturally not up your alley but, you know, you don't pass such a great deal like this one. I feel like I ramble a lot ... haha.

Oh, ... how's your weekend?
mine is nice, ... so far. 

Top, Skirt - H&M
Parka - Thrifted


Monday, October 24

Gone yet Not Forgotten

Whoaaaa .... new outfit post!!! (note the sarcasm) ... I know I'm being a bad blogger but like, life happened y'know?? *sigh* Lately I only focus on finishing my papers and I really neglecting other things that I should be doing... e.g. this blog, my youtube channel. I promised myself to put in more effort and let's see how it goes.

To the outfit, I wore this as a part of Olay's event's dress code. I miss dressing up like this tbh, all I wear nowadays are simple top and jeans (pffftttt, school). I even miss myself (wotttttt!!! like how?) and this feeling is killing me. Ok I'll get to the point and end the rant here. This is the most black and white combo I have ever wore, because I'm not really a fan of white (*cough* Black is The New Black *cough*). But since I had the skirt and, not to mention, after several white tops later ... I fell in love with this simple outfit. This is right up my alley anyway, don't you think?

In other news, my hair is messed up. It's blue, green, dark, and everything in between. I want to go back to being a brunette so I can order some clip in hair extension but I love my blue/green hair too much and I'm more than happy that my hair is finally at the healthiest state, like ever!!! Ottokhae~ (sorry guys, the K-Obsession just kicked in)

I truly missed being able to blog regularly.
So, how's life for you?


Top & Lace Up Booties - Forever21
Kimono - Evolve Boutique
Flare Skirt - H&M