Monday, August 29

Tough Much?

Finally had a proper shoot out with, of course, Zsazsa. If you watch my Mini Lookbook on my channel, you must've seen this outfit. I don't know what came to me, but as soon as I saw the jersey, this getup was the first thing that came to mind. Still feeling all swaggy, nonetheless. Decided to have a pop of burgundy with this seemingly monochromatic outfit. Though it's kinda cringy to post this outfit because, I'm no swag at all, but the thing is ... at least I tried, huh? I feel like I should stop dating Kpop Idols (lol. Hallucination at it's best)

I'm going to have a road trip, a much needed one - I suppose, and I won't have a stable internet connection, might as well post it now so I will get this post checked out off my to-do list. Should start packing soon, but ... meh *shrugs*.

hope you have a great week ahead,

Jersey - Thrift
Bandage Skirt - H&M
High Top - Airwalk

Tuesday, August 23

#THRIFTrip : 04

Min Yoongi, this one is for you

Completely unfazed by the vibe Agust D mixtape has on me. He's somewhat resemble a moon in my dark surroundings. He's been through worse, yet he made it. Life can be so terrifying, yet him, who's so far away, unaware of my existence, can calm me down through his rap, more so,... his voice. He's my motivation. Yes, Min Yoongi - Suga - Agust D, if you're ever reading this, I love you and thank you for releasing the mixtape. Thank you for sharing your past struggles and motivates me though the hardest hardship that I'm now going through. This outfit is for you.

Dating someone (well, not exactly - Yoongi, if you're ever reading this, hahahahahaILOVEYOU), has always a tiny fraction of my outfit inspirations. This time, it's BTS (hahahahaYoongi, myheartisonlyforyou - alongwith6biaswreckers) - or Kpop in general. I've never been drawn to wear sneakers and "swaggy" outfit more than right now. All I can see is sneakers, oversized white tee, and yes, ripped jeans. I had to stop myself from purchasing a stupid amount of boys tee. But in the mean time, if you see my last post, I found myself again after such a uninspired-period of my life. So, BTS ... Thank you.

This pink parka tho, ... It's pink yet feels swaggy anyway.
This #OppaLyfe helps me get through life.


Parka - Thrift
Bralette - H&M
Ripped Jeans - H&M
Radlee High Kickflip Haut - Airwalk

Thursday, August 18

Summer Blue Print

I think I took too long of a break from this blog. I'm not entirely sorry, because I think it's necessary for me to sort out my priority. Which I failed miserably at. Life is chaotic, I haven't been able to sort out my life, which is getting more and more frustrating as the day went by. The only salvation I get is to jam out to songs that will take my mind off things (cough* AGUST D MIXTAPE *cough). But don't worry, I made a blue print already, you know, to tackle this "life" thing and sort it out for good. I feel lost, y'know, ... life can be so out of grip, it terrifies me a lot. Moral support is needed but I wouldn't know who to ask coz apparently, I'm fighting alone - and being alone sucks ass (pardon my French).

To the outfit, ... I'm longing for a summer getaway. The one that gets you recharge and ready to tackle this thing called life. Decided to pair the cropped top with patterned short because of the simple-fun-summer-days vibe I'm getting, or more like, ... longing. A simple outfit to stroll around with friends to get food kinda outfit, I feel like. Someone please fetch me to Bali or Phuket so I can recharge?

Btw, ... Why is my hair looks so red?


Crop Top - G.U. (Thrifted)
Shorts - H&M