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a happy type of blue

Oh hi ho! IT HAS BEEN A - FREEEKING - WHILE. Ok, self .. chill with the caps. Buttttt .... I'm back, not for good, but more like popping in and out.
I know the last post I posted was me having weird-ass hair, but that hair had been for months on end and I feel like I need to change something? .. so then when I realized that I have 2 boxes of caramel-choco dyes, I went for it and here I am being a brunette? ... once again. Let's just see how long this color last, ...
Oh, the outfit? Glad you notice. Me, decked out in H&M, as always, ... I feel totally myself. Getting all dolled up is something I needed the most when days get rough. The "at least I look good" feel is something I cherish the most nowadays.
Half the year went by like a wind on a cloudy days, ... taken for granted. Don't you think? But, ... on the next half of the year, I might tick off things in my bucket list, ya'know... but it's still not set and all. Fingers crossed, ....

Mesh Dress, …

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