Thursday, January 12

Please Fall, ....

For some reason, ... I work best at night whilst listening to loud and upbeat music (newest record : 35 hours of being awake, don't tell my mom tho...). Being a student, I blame years of I-will-certainly-do-this-later (cough. procrastination. cough) and here I am, posting instead of doing my final paper. I felt liberated tho doing things I love instead of forcing myself to do "other things", in this case - school stuff. "I deserve a little break", I mumbled to myself every night after doing hours upon hours of final paper. Final paper is coming to an end, I just need to force myself to work a little harder this time, ... for a faster freedom. 

On that note, I've been watching too much of Edward Avila and Joan Kim. I want to be in Seoul so bad. Yaknow, ... for a "break". I think it will be fun to roam around the city, discovering new places, ... tho realistically since I don't speak Korean at all, that will certainly be a little hard (thinking about getting some basic Korean course, but I don't know). Ah, ... wish me luck for a chance to be there soon!!

About the outfit, ... This one was inspired by the one and only, Edward Avila. He's been sporting hoodie + jacket + sneakers and I'm in love!!!! The ensemble is just so easy to throw on, simple yet put together. Even though, real talk, ... Jakarta is super hot. Fall is my favourite season anyway (non-existence in Indonesia, but I can't help it since I'm a Fall Baby). To be honest, I'm trying new ways to rock pants, coz I'm over it. I wanna be able to wear my dresses and skirts again but getting into t-shirt and skinnies for a day at campus is just easy. To be honest, since I put more thought into what I'm wearing to school, not only my motivation skyrocketed, my final paper progress went a little faster too. I used to do this when I was still attending class everyday, .....but soon as I only need to do my final paper, t-shirt and jeans are my best friends. Like I said, hassle free ... yet I got bored super fast and the rest was just a black smudge of weird memories. 

Speaking of being bored, ... hair is darker now, box-dyed it with the color of Raspberry Pink by BeautyLabo. Color payoff is great, wouldn't lie ... but the thing is ... I'm already bored with this color and contemplating to buy clip-on extension to spice things up. I miss my blue hair, coz I feel like I'm more of myself when I have blue hair. Ah never mind, I just need to have more patience, let my hair grow longer, and have healthy hair once again.

I think I blabbered too much, ... so, see you guys later?


Cropped Hoodie - Thrift (DIY)
Jeans - H&M
Sneakers -  Converse

Friday, January 6

That One, The One

First and foremost, the hair is no more. Only had the hair for roughly a week. I was too bored with the greyish-green and decided to slap on some pink, the ends of my hair was too yellowish anyway. I had fun with it, so no regret. How's 2017 treating you so far? Mine is an "eh~". School final paper is still on progress and it's coming to an end. Decided to take the first week of 2017 to rest and recharge for everything, fix and polish some of the parts, then on Monday will go full throttle. One of my resolution for 2017 is to graduate, so please wish me luck! 

To the outfit now, shall we?
Had an appointment to have lunch at Westin Sky Bar and decided to give another dress a chance, wore this before tho (Yes, I'm an #OutfitRepeater). The light cardigan gave the whole ensemble a relaxed vibe, which I love! The boots and clutch gave a more edgy persona. I haven't felt more satisfied with an outfit in so long! I feel more me. Oh, ... The boots were on sale! Been wanting a pair so bad, but the power of patience rewarded me, that's a roughly Rp450.000-ish boots and the price tag said Rp200.000 but it scanned for Rp150.000. Power of patience, guys...

Make the best of your 2017, okay?


Cardigan & Boots - H&M
Dress - Pull and Bear

Saturday, December 31

366 of 366, A Thank You Note

As you can probably can tell from a lot of my post, .... 2016 was not my year. 2016 had taught me something through a lot of hardship, which I think I need in order to appreciate a lot of things. I got lost, in the worst way possible. I cried myself to sleep a lot. Yet, the past couple of months... I found myself, in the best way possible. I found the best people to hangout with. I found my support system. This "Best 9" pictures were not enough to represent my 2016.

So here's to Zsazsa, Mami Cath, and Mbanya. 
Thank you for being there to let me get away from my stress, especially Zsazsa.

Here's to Dyar. 
Thank you for always there to remind me to keep going on this school final paper.

Here's to Nurul, Seto, Adi, Dega, and Hasyim.
Thanks for all the laugh, the chitchats, the gossip over food, and the time.

Here's to Serena.
Thank you for keeping me awake on so many nights and accompanying me doing papers.

Here's to BTS, BTOB, B1A4, VICTON, and many more Kpop Idols.
Thank you for releasing albums, tweets, pictures, Insta-updates, and VLives. Thank you for being a part of my sleepless nights.

Here's to Joan, Eddie, and Beauty Beast.
Thank you for videos. I had so many virtual vacations through Joan and Eddie's vlogs and a good laugh from Beauty Beast's videos.

I save the best for last, ..... 
Here's to my Mom, Dad, and Bro. 
Thank you for everything. Thank you for being patient dealing with me.

*had to take a deep breath coz I'm tearing up* *Serena knows how easy I got sad* *2016 = me being such a crybaby*

I lost friends and gain some. That's okay because life goes on. It's been this way. So here's to you that wasn't mentioned. Thank you for being my friend.
How about a better year in 2017?

Have a very blessed 2017!!


Friday, December 30

[ REVIEW ] Photo Facial at ZAP Indonesia

Couple weeks ago, I went to ZAP Kota Kasablanka to try their Photo Facial Treatment. From the get go, all the staffs were so friendly in informing with the stuff I asked. Their hospitality is always make me feel at home! To the treatment itself, Photo Facial is a combo treatment consist of 3 separate treatments, Face Toning, Face Rejuvenation, and Oxy Infusion.

The whole treatment had 7 steps which are consultation with a doctor, face cleansing, Face Toning with laser, formulated gel for Face Rejuvenation, Face Rejuvenation, Oxy Infusion, and lastly, aftercare and sunblock.

So, I'll explain my experience trying the treatment now. I provided you with a video to see the whole process, okay?

Face Toning
They cleaned my face to remove dirt, oil, and makeup. I was makeup free because I purposely went to get the treatment. After that, you'll be given a special google to protect your eyes from laser, then the doctor will come in and do it to your face, portion per portion, twice. The doctor were nice enough to give me a break in between portion because my pain tolerance is low. I would say, the laser stings a bit but after a couple seconds you won't feel a thing. This treatment can shrink your pores, lessen oil production (such right up my alley, my oily skin is no joke), brightens complexion, and helps with fine lines. 

Face Rejuvenation
After the laser, they will spread formulated cooling gel to prepare you to do the face rejuvenation. This treatment uses a light base technology to fade your blemishes, shrink pimples, stimulate collagen, and tones down hyper pigmentation. The treatment was okay, it felt warm on my skin. Since this is the second time I tried Face Rejuvenation, I didn't feel a thing. It just felt weird to have a thick layer of cold gel on your face, haha.

Oxy Infusion
After face rejuvenation treatment, they will remove the gel and then blast oxygen to your skin. This way, the skin will absorbs all the oxygen and freshen up your skin. This treatment is suppose to even out your complexion, brightens it, moisturises the skin, and fades blemishes.

The whole process only took me less than 40 minutes! It's super quick and hassle free. By the way, after the treatment, you're allowed to use light makeup! How cool! As I wasn't going anywhere after the treatment, I decided not to use any makeup because I wanted to see how my skin progressed throughout the day. If you watched my video, you can see how red I was after the treatment and the redness was completely gone after 3 hours. My skin the next day felt so smooth and a couple pimple I had were also shrink. My makeup also glided on smoothly the day after, not to mention my makeup stays on longer now as my oil production is not as much as before.

Oh, if you want to try Photo Facial treatment you need to avoid long direct sunlight exposure 2 weeks prior and after the treatment (e.g, tanning), use heavy makeup prior and after the treatment, and don't use warm water or go swimming after the treatment. They suggested to use SPF 30 or more prior and after the treatment and as I mentioned before, after the treatment you're allowed to use light makeup.

p.s :
You can get the combo or get the treatments separately, but I recommend you to get all 3 at once. The result is so amazing! Go to ZAP for more info of their treatments and location near you!



Tuesday, December 27

Error and Flight

The hardest part is to stop dreaming and do things instead. I had problems with my laptop (cough. my life .cough) and it put halt on my routines. To be completely honest with you, I wept for 3 days straight and had only complained to My Mom (shout out to her for putting up with me crying) and a new friend of mine all the way from Connecticut. Had to sent my baby to a hospital and he's coming home real soon! Much excite! But I lost all my data, as he had to be re-installed. This experience had me re-evaluate things in my life. I spent less time relying on gadgets to entertain me and actually read 4 books in a row. I had to wrote parts of my compulsory paper by hand and then transfer it digitally through the PC I have at home. Life was hard, coz everything is literally in the laptop. I avoided everything, I was unable to function. Millennial much, Dee?

As you probably can tell, I wore this outfit to a ZAP Blogger Gathering. Thank God, I stored this one on draft so I'm able to post. Yeah, it's been awhile huh? I wonder why I haven't wear a dress on the daily! I missed being able to wear anything I like so much, as you guys know - I mentioned this so many times already, my daily getup consists of a tee and jeans - which can get boring.

Now that 2016 coming to an end, ... Any particular resolution that you achieved? I haven't tho, ... but hopefully I will be able to achieve that next year. Have a nice holiday and hope y'all have happiness!!!



Dress - Forever21
Libra -  Brash Shoes